What are the Flagg Worlds?
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We explain the purpose of the Flagg worlds and why are there so many of them in the universe.

[wrimg=Flagg17 is just one of the worlds under development]/media/imglib_awgate/infotemp1.jpg[/wrimg]In the past you may have noticed that in the Activeworlds Universe there are a lot of worlds with similar names, such as the AW3D#00 and Flagg01 and may have wondered what they were for.

It is a good question many of them are private or never appear to have any users in, they do however have a reason.

There are now over 25 Flagg## worlds in the primary universe and they are the preserve of the Activeworlds, Inc employee Flagg (known as Tom).

Many of these worlds have existed for a great number of years with some having being created by Flagg during his first term of employment with Activeworlds.

These worlds are primarily used by community projects that are being trialled or need a large working space, recent uses have included the testing and storage of the latest batch of primitive objects for Alphaworld (created by Syntax) and the design of upcoming role playing games.

Certain Flagg worlds are also used as staging areas for major worlds, such as Flagg17 – the testing area for a proposed AWGate that is currently demoing a new quick-help resource and copy area for the Extreme Builders Talent Show #1.

While the Flagg# worlds are typically quite active, you will find that there is another, larger set of worlds – the AW3D# worlds. These are also staging areas for the 3D homepage profiles which existed during 3.5 and 3.6 that users could use as templates for their own worlds.

There are over 50 3D homepage templates and each of them is only accessible to Activeworlds, Inc staff.

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