Get Your Friends Involved!
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Tips on inviting friends to Activeworlds and winning great prizes.

[rimg]/media/imglib_general/prizedraw4.jpg[/rimg]Do you have friends that you wish were on Activeworlds? Well now you can do something about it with the AW Prize Draw operated by AWTeen - where your friends could win one of the 10x 5 week citizenships we have to giveaway in the next week.

To invite your friends, just direct them to the following url:

You'll notice the refcit=xxxxx on the end - replace that with your own citizen number (i.e. refcit=12345) and you too could have the chance of winning, the person with the most valid referrals will receive a +2 bot limit increase and a PAV from AW_PAV world.

Tell your friends through facebook, through MSN, through Yahoo!!!, through your mouth at school or work.

Prizes for your friends and prizes for you - only in the AW Prize Draw.

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