V4 RightsQueue in Alphaworld
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Information on [RightsQueue] - the Alphaworld rights manager bot by Strike Rapier.

[rimg]/media/imglib_aw/v4bot_1.jpg[/rimg]In recent times Activeworlds Inc has been awarding large numbers of users V4 rights in the AWI public build world of their choice, but primarily Alphaworld. However, the vast number of users winning v4 resulted in the world rights list becoming full almost immediately.

The world rights lists like almost every textual element of Activeworlds, is limited by legacy to 255 characters in length, and Activeworlds Inc has stated that it will not be increased, despite new 4.1 protocols allowing much greater lengths.

Therefore, a solution was developed by Strike Rapier on behalf of Flagg to allow users to acquire v4 rights when they needed them - those rights would then remain in the rights list until a certain number of additional users had also activated their own v4 rights - at which point the oldest user would be removed from the list.

Although it would be possible to use a global mode capability and verbal or HUD based activation switch, it was instead decided that users should trigger their rights by clicking upon a button located somewhere in world.

Since setup, the V4 activation button has been located atop Pamozo Island in SW City (2081S 4085E 3a 180) in a specially built cave created by Syntax. [limg]/media/imglib_aw/v4bot_2.jpg[/limg]Users that activate the v4 button are treated to a shower of lights and a message from the rights system telling them what changes (if any) have been made.

Questions and Answer

Who can activate my rights? - Any user on your privilege password can activate your v4 rights, provided you are allowed v4 rights in the first place.

How long do my rights remain? - Your rights remain active for as long as it takes to cycle the list due to new users activating their own rights.

Will I be told when my rights are disabled? - Because the rights system does not operate in global mode, it is not possible to tell you before your rights are removed.

Can I re-activate my rights once they are removed - Yes, just clicking the button again will restore your rights by once more placing you at the top of the list.

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