Quintin3265 in Wiki Attacks.
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An explosion of wiki editing has taken place over the last few days as several users began making repeated edits, undoes and replacements of other users.

[wrimg=Awportals has developed into the largest independent AW based website]/media/ads/banner_234x60.jpg[/wrimg]Most of the edits focused originated with the wiki user Quintin3265, also known as the citizen Brant, who took it upon himself to begin making edits to articles relating to Strike Rapier, his known associates, AWTeen and Awportals.

Attack Origin

The first pages upon the wiki were those relating to Awportals.com and its coverage of news and events within the Activeworlds universe.

Quintin3265 modified information sections to state that the contents were only claims then wrote an extensive section complaining that his Technology Celebration was not covered in a recent summary of announcements from the official Activeworlds Newsletter (operated by maki on behalf of AWI).

[wlimg=AWTeen is frequented by many different inviduals]/media/imglib_awteen/2s.jpg[/wlimg]

Hostility to AWTee

This was followed by the user GSK undoing these edits for trolling, followed by Quintin3265 undoing this undo, followed by GSK again removing Quintin3265's complaints stating that Quintin3265 had failed to "present verifiable sources".

The section created by Quintin3265 was re-wrote by frequent Wiki user Gnu64 in a neutral manner, before being removed completely when it became apparent that the Technology Celebration had not been included in the announcements section of the Official Newsletter either, of which the summary was simply a formatted copy.

The next section targeted by Quintin3265 was the AWTeen articles. Brant has a well known blog in which he frequently launches personal attacks upon AWTeen Staff, Strike Rapier and Activeworlds, Inc staff members.

Quintin3265 himself has rarely if ever visited AWTeen within the previous 5 months, despite attempting to disrupt many elements of its forums.

Quintin3265 attempted to then convert the article to a rant about the participants of the Goober Zone, including profane verbal quotes off non-AW sources and targeting Gnu64 in particular - a newly appointed member of AWTeen's moderation staff.

[quote=Quintin3265]Gnu32, who is part of the problem, will just use his administrator powers to disable the page or ban this account. And everyone wonders why there are suddenly only 200 users online in AW at the busiest time[/quote]

These changes were again undone by other users, at that point Quintin3265 added comments to the user talk page of GSK attacking Gnu64 for abusing administrator powers. Most community members are aware that Gnu64 has no such powers with wiki administration being handled by Martin, Syntax and Hyper Anthony.

It is at this point unknown what further changes will be made to these articles or others as Quintin3265 / Brant continues to pursue his offensive agenda against various users.

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