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AWTeen introduces a bot monitored ratings system for promoting greater use of the world.

[rimg]/media/imglib_awteen/2s.jpg[/rimg]The AWTeen Governor, Strike Rapier, today announced the introduction of an activity points scheme to AWTeen world (in cooperation with Awportals) to encourage users to participate within the world.

The potential benefits of a points system have been considered among Activeworlds, Inc and the community elite for many years, the first major project to utilise an earnable points system was the ill-fated NewAW and NewAW2 projects in which users earned building credits based upon how much time they spent within the world.

The AWTeen system moves beyond this flat online-time style to take into account what activities the user is partaking of within the world in order to create a better representation of their overall activity level.

This system awards points ever 90 seconds depending on if a user is building, chatting, exploring or just standing still - these points are then added to the citizen's profile upon

Thereafter, at fixed periods the most active users will be selected for the chance to win official prizes such as worlds, citizenship extensions and bot limit increases.

It is possible that should this scheme prove successful then the worlds and areas where a user is eligible to earn activity points may be expanded.

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