Newsletter: March 07, 2008
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The AWTeen Province

Strike Rapier again won the AWTeen elections, placing him as Governor of AWTeen for the next 6 months and as a result several new pieces of technology have been introduced to AWTeen.

Hyperion, the Eclipse Evolution based zone transformation technology has now been implemented into AWTeen to split the world into 3 provinces - North, South and Prime (central) at the 3000 coordinate boundaries. Thanks to an expansion recently granted by Flagg, AWTeen is now 750 coordinates later in each direction.

Select 'Southern Province' from the heads up display to teleport to our vast ocean and its hundreds of islands and ask about our new building opportunities - just say ^jc upon entering the world.

Yellowstone BBQ

Digigurl would like to invite you to the Yellowstone BBQ to honour the past, present and future of Yellow world. Get together and enjoy for the Yellowstone BBQ and enjoy our company.

Please attend - March 15th, Yellow world.

Builders Talent Show 2

The Extreme Builders Talent Show (2) has been slightly delayed, but fear not - Flagg hopes to have the talent show live at some point during the weekend with new objects and great resources - builders are once again eligible to win v4 rights in the public building world of their choice.

Also, this event will be participating in the Badges scheme - look out for the award and participation badges coming soon!

To view more badges see:

Looking to Buy a World

If you are looking to buy a world then you now have new options - buy your world through and you can gain great discounts on hosting and other services we provide. We also provide separate world hosting for those users that already have purchased a world.

See our world prices or shared hosting for more information on the excellent deals to be had.

Martin has (another) Blo

With recent upgrades to the forum software, Martin has decided to launch a second blog - to make you twice as sleepy!

Check out the new blogs at

Community Appointment


The Gatekeepers would like to welcome Blizzard X as the latest in the Gatekeeper family.


Strike Rapier would like to welcome Nwasells, Gnu64 and Robbie as the latest additions to the AWTeen senior staff and moderation team.

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