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Discussing the concerns of AWGate, by Flagg

The AWGate has never been a perfect environment. For many of us, both at AWI and in the Community, the environment does not completely measure up to all our goals or dreams. However, I personally, do not believe in unrealistic goals and believe a perfect AWGate environment is just simply unrealistic.

That does not mean the environment can not be improved. We are currently working on updating a few gate systems to be more friendly to the average new user. We also collect all suggestions, sent through the proper channels, and use those suggestions to steer our future improvements.

If you have suggestions regarding Gate structure or systems please send them to You generally won't receive a reply, but your e-mail will be saved and considered when future improvements are implemented.

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Now. Regarding the Gatekeepers organization. I realize now that some of the recent issues may be caused by lack of information. If that's the case then I am directly responsible and I apologize for that. I am attempting to rectify that now by giving you more information. The Gatekeepers eject users from the gateway every day. Usually for violations of the AWGate guidelines. For each ejection AWI is sent a report. I randomly select reports to go over and verify that we agree with the ejection as it took place. In the event we don't agree an e-mail is sent to the Lead GK. The Lead GK will address the issue with those involved and make an announcement to all GKs if a policy has changed or a clarification needs to be made.

When a customer has a complaint regarding an ejection, non-ejection or GK behavior they are sent to I personally receive and answer these e-mails. When a user complains I verify the validity of their issue and if a correction needs to be made. When the user is in error or when no action will be taken they are notified as such and the reasons behind the final decision. When they have a legitimate complaint we thank them for their feedback and contact the Lead GK for action and adjustment.

In the past 3 weeks we have received 6, official, complaints regarding the Gatekeepers. Four of those complaints were from the same Citizen. Each was handled in the manner I listed above.

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Recently two users used the forums to complain about the Gatekeepers and received large amounts of support from some of the Citizenry. Our response to those users was met with dissatisfaction. Unfortunately I don't and didn't take the supporters seriously for a few, I feel, very legitimate reasons.

The first user to start complaining had recently been let go from the GKs. They then filed four different reports to AWI and we responded to all of them. We later found out that some of the facts had been twisted to create an unfair advantage for the complainer and decided to use caution regarding their feedback in the future. The second person complained about being ejected while admitting to cussing in German. Vulgar language, in any manner, is a violation of The AWGate guidelines and we are pleased with the ejection.

The personal attacks on the Gatekeeper organization and it's users I found to be sad. Nobody, who was championing this cause, has used the official resources to voice their concerns or suggestions. In addition, both major examples that were used (the two posts I referred to a moment ago) were completely justified ejections and we would not ask the Gatekeepers to change anything in relation to those events.

The Gatekeepers are a volunteer, and completely community run, organization that is made up of paying Citizens just like you. One of the ways they have found enjoyment in Activeworlds is helping new users and keeping things friendly in our entry way. We appreciate this service immensely and we are very happy with the support and assistance they have provided over the years.

Both the Gatekeeper organization and Activeworlds, Inc. understand the importance of our entry way and work regularly to improve it. Using proper channels does not mean your issue won't be handled. It will be handled in a way that is best for everyone involved.

If you seriously want change then I beg you to send us feedback, through the proper channels, when you feel you are unjustly treated in the AWGate. Please do not assume the Gate is a huge problem, unless you experience it personally. We completely understand an issue being brought to the entire community, through the forums, when we don't handle it or dismiss it as trivial. However, jumping on a post, who's originator may have other motives or simply based on what you've heard lumps you into supporting the originator and gives the impression of "bandwagoning" if you have never used the proper channels to show previous issues with this area.

In closing. I hope the information I have provided sheds some light on the issue and how we are approaching it.

Thank you for your time.

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