Hybrid Query of AWTeen Runs in 9h35
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Revolutionary query system reduces time taken to query large worlds.

[wrimg=AWTeen]/media/imglib_awteen/8.jpg[/wrimg]A research and development project into developing hybrid and high performance backup routines for Activeworlds has shown excellent results with performance increasing up to 1000% for a large world such as AWTeen.

The technique, using multiple iterated asynchronous query queues and rapid dispatching of buffer data is capable of drawing down 10,000 objects a minute over a fast connection.

The test v4 propdump of AWTeen, weighing in at some 2.4 GB uncompressed (or 235mb at maximum RAR compression) executed in a total time of 9 hours and 35 minutes using 65% capacity. It is hoped that improvements in smart region selection can reduce this time to below 6 hours for 30 million objects. By contrast a typical single backup would take over 6 days.

Although the system is only in alpha development a propdump of awteen has been provided below in version 4.

Download AWTeen Propdump (235mb)

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