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Press Release from AWTeen regarding new internal Bingo events.

[wrimg=AWTeen]/media/imglib_awteen/1.jpg[/wrimg]Courtesy of Strike Rapier

I am glad to announce that AWTeen now has the means to host its own regular Bingo events in AWTeen world as part of the Minor Events Committee.

AWTeen Bingo will be hosted by AWTeen staff, with AWTeen moderators (Teen Patrol) and while we expect to have an enjoyable atmosphere.

A few additional points to note:

* Spamming radio URLs will result in immediate ejection.
* No bots are permitted in the game area.
* False bingo calls will result in unpleasant side effects for the caller.

AWTeen Prizes will be available, although the games series will be shorter than games you may have played in other worlds.

Our first event is Saturday at 8pm VRT @ 540S 2800E with a current capacity for 20 players although that is likely to be upgraded before the event.

Special thanks to:

* Absolute Monarch for helping to test in AWTeen.
* Nahob for helping build the Bingo area.
* Everyone who helped test in MarkDev1.

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