Christmas Hunt Underway
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The Christmas Hunt is underway in Storage and 27 other worlds.

The annual hunt, hosted by Andras and requiring 600 bots to monitor 190,000 gifts worth a total of 4 million points is a mainstay in the AW calendar as various worlds offer up their environments to hunters to search for gifts in the hope of winning prizes.

Worlds for this year’s hunt include Storage, Avatar, Retreat, Sparkles, Aeon, SistaAVs, Anduin, Sparkle, Majestic, Canyon, WolfDen, Passion, Elvandor, Zelda, Mystica, Pelican, AWEC, BluPearl, Aquarius, VRSoup, Awesome, AirGlow, Yellow, sfgate, AWSchool, PennWood, Lakeside and flagg16.

Prizes this year include P30/5 worlds, over 15 world licences and many citizenship extensions courtesy of Andras, Activeworlds and various other citizen contributors.

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