Keith Thomas Ends Relationship with AWI
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In an unexpected development Keith Thomas has announced a breakup of the relationship between Planet Radio VR and Activeworlds, Inc.

Keith Thomas, posting on the official Activeworlds forums cited being asked by Flagg to end his hosting of official bingo games as the reason for the break up, but did not give any further comment except to say that he would be looking for another server host for Planet Radio VR – which had previously been hosted by Activeworlds, Inc.

[quote=Keith Thomas]I have truly enjoyed being a host to all that have visited, and regardless of problems there i did enjoy being a host. I will not get into reasons why, But I will say Flagg asked me not to host anymore.

Flagg is a good guy and has his reasons for this.[/quote]

The original post was followed by several prominent citizens expressing their dismay, with Syntax noting that people were generally sad about Keith Thomas no longer hosting. Keith himself has yet to make any additional posts in the thread.

Keith Thomas has since Activeworlds, Inc staff member Martin for his service.

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