Piko Island Floored by Hardware Fault
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Piko Island remains offline today after a hardware failure on November 3rd floored its object path server, losing many of its objects.

Piko Island had been sustaining a fair degree of popularity in recent months until a “major” server failure occurred, losing both the object path and primary databases. Piko Island administrator Buzz gave the following statement regarding expected restoration of services:

[quote=Buzz]We are hoping to fully restore building rights before Christmas with improvements to the ground protection to eliminate graffiti and integrate more with the in world currency.

Unfortunately, our server error also affected our on-site backup facilities, leading to a greater outage. We have since implemented a new backup policy encompassing all aspects of our operations and spread across multiple servers and geographical locations.

At this time official Piko Island web pages have been replaced with a holding forum and a 2D flash chat client for the remaining users.

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