AW_Life Attempts Social Experiment
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Flagg has announces AW_Life as a social experiment on democracy within VR.

AW_Life world (not to be confused with AWLife, the company headed by Poseidon) was announced by Flagg on the 19th of November 2007 as a world that would be a social experiment, giving the success of the AWTeen elections that appointed Strike Rapier as Governor as a template for a world where all decisions were decided by the community placing votes in AWVote world.

The concept of the world, as described by Flagg, is a world where all decisions were made by the community, this would include appointing staff, world settings, rights and anything else to do with world administration.

At this point several people have already started making contributions in terms of ideas, starting with a name change for the world to distinguish it from the AWLife development company noted at the start of this article. Suggestions included Embryo, Canvas, Nova and AWAbmo (suggested by Absolute Monarch).

The creation of forums for the project has so far lead to many in depth discussions such as the role as leaders, the benefits of dictatorships in VR and voting times – with one of the most important unanswered questions being who is to decide what topics will be voted upon. Also discussed were vetoes and a project ethos.

Building has yet to begin in AW_Life world, it is unknown when the project will find itself truly underway.

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