AWTeen Governor Makes Good Start
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As Strike Rapier closes on 3 weeks as AWTeen Governor we look back at events so far.

Strike Rapier has now been operating as the AWTeen governor for over two weeks, these two weeks have been highly proclaimed by members of the world, with some calling them the best 2 weeks for AWTeen in the last few years.

Strike Rapier took control of the AWTeen Governorship on the 14th of November, 2007 and immediately passed a set of executive orders to establish various AWTeen organisations such as the JAM guides, world patrol and events.

The centrepiece of the governorship so far has been the re-establishment of regular events, with trivia, paintball, quizzes and hunts being held regularly. In addition the governor has also introduced many new building projects to the world – starting with a new ground zero immediately after assuming control, and a new transport facility including an airport and monorail hub.

As expected, the governor introduced new technology to the world including a universe first – a fully working long distance mover control system without the need for individual bots.

The new governorship has not been without its problems, with public arguments on forums between Strike Rapier and Flagg regarding the use of global mode bots, with Strike Rapier refusing to disclose the source code of Eclipse Evolution to Activeworlds, Inc citing fears of the source code and its intellectual property being abused.

This article was wrote by said AWTeen Governor for propaganda purposes.

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