Shamus Blog Removed on NDA Fears
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Young Shamus blog has found itself removed after possible complications with non-disclosure agreements with Planet Mion.

The Activeworlds community was today told by AWI staff member Martin that the official blog of Young Shamus had been removed from the company blogs site after potential legal consequences from details published there.

Of the few details given, Martin indicated that users from Planet Mion (known as Miuchiz) had traced the mion software back to Activeworlds, Inc and had subsequently discovered both the primary universe and the blogs of Young Shamus and other staff members.

[quote=Martin]Shamus took his down because the kids in the Miuchiz world had backtracked the software to us, dug around more, figured out ~he~ was the bot programmer, and that was edging the line of our NDA.

So we shut it down before that line was crossed by accident.[/quote]

Activeworlds has, for the past few years, operated a policy of providing white label software to companies wishing to have their own 3D environments – a white label product is one that does not carry branding for the owning company, instead is sold as a product from the contracting company. These contracts often carry strong non-disclosure agreements regarding what the owning company may say about their software in the context of the white label product.

Analysts have previously commented that the Activeworlds, Inc policy of white label production has resulted in a double edged sword – with Activeworlds gaining large and profitable contracts for their environments, but reducing the promotion gained by the technology in general that would generally come with such large projects in a way similar to how Second Life receives much publicity from its high profile clients.

The use of Active Worlds technology for Planet Mion had been for a long time somewhat of an open secret, with many Mion users being members of other universes such as Piko Island, Stagecoach 3D and Activeworlds.

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