AWI Launches Peace World for Students
Written by announces that it is to open a new universe called Peace World for students to work together to bring peace to the world. It failed.

[quote] is pleased to announce that in an effort to help students of all ages throughout the world promote peace and resolve conflicts, we have dedicated a new Universe, "Peace World".

Students may join this new community, free of charge and interact directly. Peace World will serve as a leading forum for you to discuss frustrations in a non-judgmental, non- violent environment.

Today, more than ever, our youths face growing problems, both in number and in magnitude. Many believe that these unresolved conflicts and frustrations are behind the sometimes shocking and violent crimes committed by youths in the home and at school. Witness the recent tragedy in Littleton, Colorado. Activeworlds' commitment to provide children with an environment that is fun and educational comes at a time when much of what is available on the media (television, music, movies, computer games, etc) promotes violence as routine, frivolous, and acceptable.

We extend an open invitation to all Internet service providers, major portal companies, and Internet search engines to join us in this undertaking. We will make Peace World accessible, free of charge to their young subscribers, as well. We hope to enlist the support of noted leaders in youth medicine, entertainment, government, as well as other members in our industry to join us in this effort.[/quote]


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