AWMapper Reborn
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AWMapper is reborn, using new rendering and AJAX.

In one of the most anticipated technological events of the year,, in association with Activeworlds Inc and Roadkill have released the Activeworlds Mapper – a Google maps based map viewing solution based upon new rendering technology and AJAX.

[quote=Ima Genius]
After years of work by RoadKill and a tiny bit of help from me, the new alphaworld map is finally complete. Among other features, it includes full support for most "action" commands, crisp PNG images, and a familiar Google Maps interface.

We would like to give a big thank you to AWI, who helped us along in all stages of the project, especially with map tile server hosting

You can check it out at: Please let us know what you think [/quote]

You can see the mapper at:

Awportals would like to congratulate the AWMapper team on producing an excellent web application.

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