AWTeen Returns to Activeworlds Inc Control
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AWTeen finds itself without V4, Bots, or Caretakers in the biggest shake up in its history.

Shocked, the best word to describe the situation that AWTeen currently finds itself in with the resignation of Dr. Squailboont and Digigurl, the last Caretakers of the world.

The announcement was made after apparent extensive discussion between Dr. Squailboont and Activeworlds, Inc community liaisons officer Flagg. Users were informed via the official newsgroups, noting that all committees were disbanded, and all bots taken offline.

[quote=Dr. Squailboont]Today's expected change in Hermes will not be occuring as originally stated. As of today:

The following services will be offline until further notice:

* Zeus, PPWbot, Demeter, Hermes.
* All AWTeen organizations are hereby dissolved until further notice. Relevant PPWs have now been changed.
* The AWTeen Charter and its government is hereby permanently and entirely dissolved as of today.

AWTeen will now be under the sole authority of the Peacekeepers and AWI.

In other words: We're outta here. Good luck with Flagg.

(P.S. This obviously means that today's scheduled staff meeting is cancelled.)

(P.P.S. GSK, try not to flip your wig.)

(P.P.P.S. The Golden Moose has officially frowned upon AWTeen.)

This was immediately followed by the removal of bot and version 4 rights from the world, Dr. Squailboont noted that the golden moose had frowned upon AWTeen.

The decision to shut down the majority of AWTeen services and infrastructure was for the most part unexpected by the user base. It had been known for several weeks that the current caretakers were becoming progressively more annoyed with the actions that were occurring inside AWTeen and were considering leaving - traditionally, when a caretaker leaves they nominate another user to take their place, this was most likely to be one of either SEVENS, Silverliner or Newman111.

There had been open conflict among between the caretakers and the world users for some time, with the caretakers becoming almost instantly under attack the moment they stepped onto the global relay. Many users noted that the caretakers were under no obligation to be on the relay network and could quite easily have muted the attacking users or simply banned them from the network; this lead to the decision to dissolve AWTeen in its current form to be viewed as a staggering overreaction.

In addition to his announcement of the removal of version 4 and bot rights, Flagg informed the users that the world would be again reduced to PG rating, one level down from its recently acquired PG13 status, and that the peacekeepers would become the worlds moderation force, effective immediately – previously the peacekeepers moderated AWTeen only upon request and when no staff were available.

Although full details have not yet been given, Flagg provided the following information.

[quote=Flagg, Official Forums]1. A brief and extremely small list of guidelines for the world will be provided.

2. A new global chat bot is in development.

3. A new waypoint/teleport bot is in development.

4. The option to edit terrain will return, but the exact form of this is still in discussion.

5. All global bots will be hosted by AWI, our staff or our partners.

6. There will be one Governor for the world and that Governor will have full control over AWTeen community functions, AWTeen staff, some world rights (like V4s and Bots) and have access to the AWTeen object path.

7. Through AWVote the Governor for AWTeen will be voted on once every 4 months.

8. A Governor can be removed by AWI for violations of the Activeworlds or AWTeen guidelines and the AWTeen community will be able to impeach the Governor if certain requirements are met.

9. The world will be recoverable with a backup no more than 7 days old in the event of a catastrophic Governor who ruins the world in some way.

10. AWI Staff and the PK organization will continue to monitor the world.

11. There will be a ZERO tolerance policy towards harassment or personal attacks against other community members or the worlds staff.

I will provide you with dates and further details next week. The current state of the world outlined in this thread will remain during this transition.

Thank you.

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