AWTeen Hermes Relay to be Retired
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The AWTeen Caretakers announce that as of the 19th chat relay will be discontinued..

AWTeen is today counting down to the day that it will lose the Hermes chat relay ability after head Caretaker Dr. Squailboont announced on the official forums that as of October 19th the relay feature itself would be terminated – although conferences and p2p messaging would still be enabled.

The announcement was met with distinct shock at the highly unexpected decision, with various AWTeen staff members rising up to demand a council vote on its removal. Shock soon turned to anger as users became convinced that the decision was made for the personal reasons of the Caretakers that frequently come under attack via the global chat.

Plans immediately became underway to place up to 50 individual relay nodes throughout the world and attempt to create a network of coverage without the use of global.

It has yet to be seen how either the closure or the relay network plans will result.

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