Brock To Step-Down As Caretaker
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Two-time AWTeen CT Brock has announces his plans to step down from an active CT position later this year via the official forums.

The announcement, while not official, features an apology from Brock for his lack of time in recent months as a result of real-world commitments. The posting also names Newman111 as Brock’s preferred choice to take over his position as Caretaker.

Brock, a previous Caretaker prior to the Brant era, returned 2 years ago during one of the AWTeen slumps of times gone past, and took up his old position to offer his experience. Since re-joining Brock had become the most active Caretaker of the three and was well liked.

Recent months have again had AWTeen undergoing a slump during a time of year in which it typically gains higher user counts; this has been attributed by many people to the problems of the world’s leadership but it has yet to be seen what effect the upcoming Caretaker change will have upon this.

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