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The official Active Worlds forums were today upgraded to feature forum groups for several major AWI worlds including AW, AWTeen and Mars.

As expected the AWTeen forum immediately set ablaze with flame wars between GC, GSK, the CTs and other members of the world community. While most of the new forums average around 30 posts each, the AWTeen forum is already beyond 300, with threads already locked.

There new forums, in order are:
* Alphaworld - The oldest and largest virtual world in the Cyberverse
* WildAW - Born to be Wild!
* AWTeen - A moose once bit my sister
* COFMeta - The virtual Metatropolis.
* Atlantis
* Mars - Colonize the red planet
* Yellow - Do not feed the bears
* AWFX - The PE, Zone, MAtFx and more Superstore
* AWNewbie - I see n00b people!
* AWSchool - The official learning place for all things Activeworlds.

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