Citizen Registration Toolkit Available
Written by launches its registration toolkit for universe owners to use web based signups.

Product: Citizen Registration Toolkit for PHP 5
Price: Starting at $100

The Citizen Registration Toolkit is a collection of scripts to handle creating citizens via web pages hosted on IIS or other Windows servers.

The toolkit provides functions to create citizenships either individually or in groups in addition to allowing modifications to existing citizenships.

Requires: PHP5 installed on a Windows Server with remote desktop and full administrative rights during the initial setup (registering the SDK client) - Production usage does not require administrative access.

A choice of IM, Phone or Email walk-thrus is available upon request.

Updates are provided for future versions of the SDK.

Full integration with existing registration pages is available for an additional fee.

Licence allows for code modification but not resale.

Contact via email or PM for purchases.

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