Activeworlds PAVs Hit 25
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In a rare (if unintentional) display of numbers, the official Activeworlds newsletter has detailed that there are now ‘over 25 active PAVs’ in the Activeworlds universe.

Personal avatars were introduced to the AW universe in early October of 2006 with a submission price of $39.95 to cover the 10 minutes of checking required to ensure they conformed to the set guidelines, and $30 for every change thereafter – a figure largely insulting to the majority of the citizens.

In the August newsletter, 2007 – 10 months after the release of personal avatars – Activeworlds, Inc staff member Flagg (Tom) boasted over 25 PAVs in use, a figure which would typically have raised around $1000. However, this figure also takes in to account PAVs allocated as prizes or discounted via vendors giving an estimated real figure of $300 - $500.

This would indicate that the flaggship PAV system announced 10 months ago, and almost universally criticised by community members has achieved around 1 real sale per month. Proving all those right that said the high price and complex requirements meant that it would not be a success.

This point, originally discussed on the official forums, was subsequently deleted by Flagg, losing relevant community input.

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