SW Chris Wants To Name The Alphaworld Pub
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SW Chris announces that he will offer a 3 month citizenship extension to person who creates the best pub name for the new EP.

SW Chris origionally constructed the pub area to reside in the new Alphaworld entry point, however at the time neglected to name in. He notes that most English pubs have too names, for example “The Eagle and Child” and requested users come up with suggestions matching this format.

Demon Wolf suggested “The Fox and Hound”, Robbie “The Byte and Pixel” and Ferruccio “The Owl and Moose”.

The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges (SW Chris, SW Comit, Goober King, Hyper Anthony, Stacee, Lee R, and GolderUK) who will each list their top 5 choices which will each get a points value. The top scoring entry will determine the winner.

The pub can be found at alphaworld, 2006.503n 7001.812e .03a

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