Universe Hits Unusual Slump
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In a worrying turn of events, the Active Worlds universe experienced some of its lowest average user counts in the past year for the week of May 7th averaging only 130 users.

Although user counts tipped over the 200 mark for Friday evening for several hours, this unusually low average is again raising concerns about the success of the primary universe and the size of its user base.

Of the major worlds, AWGate has performed the best, reaching over 40 users during the weekend, similarly alpha prime has hit over 40 users. AWTeen fared less well, leaking at 35 users but having a much lower average.

This is not the first time that such an event has been seen, typically Active Worlds suffers lower user numbers during the summer months when its younger user base spend less time at their computers, this change is usually around 20% - other factors that may have contributed to the weeks low user numbers include mothers day in the United States.

Interestingly, out of 738 available worlds in the universe, the number of simultaneously occupied worlds hit a single peak of 80 users Friday night, while the average number of simultaneously occupied worlds stands at 50. The vast majority of worlds, over half, are rated as PG, with slightly less than one quarter rated as G. Of the remaining worlds those rated X represent the largest share, with R rated representing the smallest.

In terms of users, PG worlds contain, at time of writing, just under 50% of the total population, with G rating holding around 30% and X rated holding 25%.

Finally, of 738 worlds approximately 60% of publicly accessible, it is not known how many of these support tourist.

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