Piko Island Begins
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Piko Island, long term project of Piko Technologies under CEO Paul Fargus has launched as a public building Activeworlds galaxy 6 years after initially planned.

Piko Island, originally billed as "Piko Island Free MMORPG" underwent several incarnations before its present release including text based MMO and 3D pirate game. Since that time Piko Island has been reformed as a public building environment and RPG elements have been dropped.

Piko Island's official website maintained a large forum community of expectant users for the years prior to its launch, with Piko Technologies staff providing frequent updates to the state of development.

Launches with Activeworlds (See Website) browser version 968, Piko Island uses version 4.1 technology, all be it several builds behind the community version.

Citizenships start at $10 per year, upto $40 per year including land.

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