AWTeen Charter Ratified
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AWTeen has taken the step of ratifying an official charter throughout the world that defines the purpose of the world and the actions of its staff.

The charter, originally conceived to make senior staff members more accountable to the world, runs to some 21 pages of text in PDF format and covers roles such as the ranking of caretakers, ejection use and punishments for violations of building regulations.

The charter, the second in AWTeen's history, reduces almost all actions to the sole control of caretakers, in stark contrast to the previous charter where authority was handed to individual group leaders.

[quote=AWTeen Charter]The ratification of this Charter shall be accomplished by a full consensus of the current Caretakers.

(b) The charter shall be offered to the public for a preview period lasting at least one
week. Public opinion shall not be a requirement for ratification; professionally
composed opinions may be considered as potential amendments after ratification
has occurred.

(c) After ratification, this Charter shall not be modified in any way except by

The 2007 AWTeen Charter is the first such document in AWTeen to grant previous users that have held the position AWTeen Caretaker additional rights.

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