Activeworlds Announces 969 Features
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Activeworlds, Inc, has took the unusual step of announcing ahead of time the feature set for the upcoming beta browser version 969.

The forward looking plans, released to the wiki entry by Chrispeg, include several new building related features.

[quote=Chrispeg, AW Wiki]
- Added "ltm" option to move command to move the object along its local axes (ltm = local transform matrix).

- Added capability to load awg-files as ground object, with full action command functionality for all object types except movers (opens endless new possibilities).

- Updated Renderware DLLs and fixed OpenGL render mode;

- Applied 'autolook' feature to neighbor avatars;
Added skinned avatars to use pick up movers attached to a certain joint/tag;

- Added "create/activate/bump seq <name> [loop |time=x.y] [translate] [global]" action command to apply animation sequences to any object in world;

- Added capability for bots to change position of any rider of a mover (requires world server build 86);

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