Eclipse Evolution passes query test
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As a stress test for Eclipse Evolution 2 "The XE2" I decided to query around the highly built up area of SW City.

The Procedure:

- The system executed a set of 9 queries of 5x5 sectors each (40x40 coordinates) in a square. A total of 120 x 120 cells.

- The system saved the project as a version 4 propdump and an Eclipse Property project measuring 13.6mb in size.

- The system selected, highlighted and displayed over 70,000 objects belonging to SW Comit (Citizen # 297649)

The Results:

- The system queried a total of 140,000 objects

- The 9 queries executed in 16 minutes (2mbps w/ 100ms ping)

- The property project saved in 3.5 seconds

- The system selected and highlighted 70,000 objects in 0.3 seconds

The Conclusion:


- Above picture shows density map, areas highlighted in red represent buildings of SW Comit.

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