Chrispeg responds to browser bug anger
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Chrispeg today responded to the huge number of concerns regarding his monitoring, fixing and complaints of his blatant misunderstanding of AW building methods by copying and pasting the bug submission guidelines, and locking the thread.

[quote=Chrispeg]Please send your bug reports to But please, do not send bug reports via telegram under any circumstances!

Important: The single most important thing to keep in mind when making a bug report is that, in order to fix the bug, we must be able to see and reproduce the problem here. If we can't reproduce the problem, we can't determine its cause, and if we can't determine the cause, we can't fix it.

Thus, every bug report should be given with all information necessary for someone else to view and reproduce the problem. In particular, if the bug or problem occurs at a particular location, please be sure to include the world name and coordinates of the problem so that we can try to reproduce it.

Please do not say "when I run the browser in my world, such-and-such happens" because we don't know which world is yours!
Before reporting any bug involving the 3D rendering of objects and/or worlds, please be sure to review the video problems page for some useful suggestions. Also, please be sure to note whether the problem you are observing is occurring under Direct3D, or software mode, and if you have Hardware T&L enabled. If you are having a rendering problem, try reproducing it under the other video modes. Finally, always be sure to mention what kind of video card your system has in your bug report. Keep in mind that 3D rendering glitches are often due to problems in the video card driver itself and cannot be fixed by us.

Also, please note that we can't reply to every bug report and question that we receive. Generally, you will only be contacted about a bug report if we need further information in order to diagnose the problem.[/quote]

This lead Ferruccio to ask "What use if the Bugs board?" which at this time remains unanswered.

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