XeLaG resumes Xelagot beta testing
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XeLaG (Alexander De Casro) announces to the forum that he is accepting requests for beta Xelagots via email only.

[quote=XeLaG]Since a few weeks (December 2006), I have an email list of beta testers for X1 xelagot 4.0xx. Since it has all updated features of the 3.6 xelagot but no 4.1 object handling, it can not be fully used in 4.1, i.e. you can use it if you do not attempt to handle 4.1 objects, as all objects are considered to be legacy 3.x objects (that's why it is called version 4.0xx!). All other functions have been updated to AW SDK 65 (including avatars, terrain, world attributes).[/quote]

Since the return of the XeLaG bot usage has gone up on average 200% in major worlds.

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