Martin starts official AWI blog
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Active Worlds, Inc, server administrator Martin, has created a blogging subdomain at to keep users aprised of activity inside the company although at this time it is not known if it will be used.

Goober King took advantage and has written a spoof example of what we may expect, playing on previous entertainment such as the AWI Skit previously played on AW Radio.

[quote=Goober King]It's been pretty quiet around the office today -- Well, as quiet as it gets around here anyway. Rick's been getting bored and chasing people around the office with a piece of floss, screaming "Down to the gums! Down to the guuummmmssss!" I haven't seen JP in awhile, but I think I heard him when I walked by his office earlier. But when I poked my head inside, all I heard was a French accent mumbling from under his desk: "I am a white label. If I can't see them, they can't see me."

I must say, it has taken a little while to get used to this place, but I think I've acclimated pretty well. I've finally learned what NOT to say around Stacee, after one too many slaps to the face. I've also gotten used to some of the strange visitors we get here from time to time, though I still don't know about the guy that keeps hanging around asking about a stapler...

Whoops, gotta go. I think I just heard a partition explode. Chrispeg must be programming again.[/quote]


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