AWTeen Wiped Out by Server Corruption
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AWTeen has been hit by suspected massive server corruption resulting in almost all v3 objects disappearing from the world.

Problems were first noticed when Digigurl ordered that an incomplete ground zero was prop into position. The move, which left half of the new ground zero and half of the previous ground zero indicated the start of major problems.

Other concerns were raised when certain users claimed they could not see land to the east of ground zero; when checked this was found that some users could see land while some could not. Checking New Arklay City also found that most of the area appeared destroyed.

[quote=Strike Rapier]We suspect corruption in the worlds database, as well as the world server code itself, caused by a large scale 4.1 propdump left most the world in ashes[/quote]

After several tries by alternate users it was decided that build rights would be removed from AWTeen to avoid any additional corruption, and to prevent people from losing work should a restore from backup be required.

After several hours of trying it was suggested that the enter point be moved to the alternate ground zero location, which it subsequently was. Reaction to the new ground zero was on the whole positively.

Active Worlds, Inc have been contacted to restore from a backup

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