One Final Piece-Rose

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One Final Piece-Rose // Work in Progress

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Post by Weevil // May 20, 2009, 1:38pm

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Defunct program strikes back!

Yes doom and gloom sayers how about we use this forum a bit more 3D while we can eh? I've had a habit of letting some projects fall through but this one seemed suprisingly easy this time

I will keep you up updated on this as long as the forums stay open. Before I show the work however, I keep my "farewell" message short.

This forum taught me how to think before I write a message, looking back my messages have been notoriously short on occasion but I shudder to think back to the days when one of my sentences didn't even have correct punctuation...maybe short sentences were for the best :rolleyes:.

For any Truespace users still wishing so, I will finish off the Phantom tutorial I never got around to doing and release the model, also head over to TScommunity where once it's finished I will post the bar.

I will jump up and down shouting my thanks to TomG for his support through the course of the time I was on the boards, and especialy during the course of 2008, taking the time to look into my threads and offer feedback and even more so with assistance with the december gallery, Caligari eye and 3DConnexions.

One last thing to remember, essentially you will be living in the same void as what you have been awaiting on the beta updates, you just now have your answer where those updates are. Welcome to my world! TS 6.6 was unsupported since 7.6 came out, and thats like a completely different program.

For most of you I suspect I'll keep on seeing you around, for others good luck.

Let's try and get two pages outa this WIP yarr? First things first if anthropomorphic wolfy-girls sparks off a fear of irritionability then what a pity, my best friend is inclined in this direction, many artists therefore I speak to are in inclined in this direction, so as such I'm comfortable with it, but I understand others may not be, but remember it's anthropomorphic only, not the slightly more....exotic (:rolleyes:) stuff that's typically assosiated with these type of characters.

This girl, is my own creation, I made the mistake of saying "hmm maybe making a character would be a laugh" and good lord I never heard the end of it, I bugged people for names to give her and we settled on the name "Rose". She does have a purpose but may take a while to get there, but for now she seems to be somewhat a nudist, which I'm very quick to rectify in these screenshots

As opposed to kate where it took me 3 MONTHS! to get to this stage a more comfortable 4 days this time around, I apologise to Schattendorn for being so freaking inept at modelling Kate when this one turned out so much better. I refuse to believe the power of such an improvement on the second time doing this sorta thing. Credits ALSO go to schattendorn for producing the front and side elevations of her for me to use, and once again I must stress you should check out his gallery, he's a very skilled artist
link (

Here she is, a clay render (with most displacement maps added) of her. enjoy lads and ladies.
Made entirely in Truespace 6.6

Hope this puts at least some spark back in some Truespace users, I haven't made a plane :rolleyes:

Post by Jack Edwards // May 20, 2009, 2:12pm

Jack Edwards
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It's nice work Weevil. :D
Would be pro-level if you got her textured up nice.

(Lots more wolfies at the link provided. :p)

Post by noko // May 20, 2009, 9:18pm

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Very very nice work and agree pro level modelling. Add some textures and she would truely dance. :banana:

Post by Georg // May 20, 2009, 10:24pm

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fantastic modeling, very nice character.

it is amazing how fast you did it.


Post by Nez // May 20, 2009, 10:43pm

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Excellent work - would be interesting to see some wires...

Stay in touch, you know how...

Post by Weevil // May 21, 2009, 3:19am

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Some wires you say?

And maybe some "before-the-SDS wires"?

Thanks lads, not quite pro level yet though, still haven't got past the nightmare vision of rigging her up, not fun.

Most T-shirt wrinkles were made with the simbiont "Batik" displacement shader and for the jeans I added a new layer and put the denim discplacement shader on.

Shoutout to Madmouse, because his eye tutorial was a stunning help.

One more thing that went un-noticed are her gnashers, it's no problem they're sticking through her gums unless I want them to be dentures....but I'd rather they weren't :rolleyes:. is a privately held community resource website dedicated to Active Worlds.
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