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Products of my Hiatus // Work in Progress

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Post by Weevil // Apr 21, 2009, 12:20am

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Meet the reason why my Longbow never got off the ground
Not a specific theme for this particular thread. More of a "What have I done people" thread, it's in WIP because there are more things that aren't finished

Yes that old thing I did. Finally got his paintscheme (Note this is NOT my design, it is this guy's (

The Bar

This is a project I've been going at off and on over the 2 week easter period, first crack at interior stuff (minus that corridor but I wouldn't really call that "contempory")

Note, this isn't finished by a long shot, and this was why I was asking about mirrorballs and gelframes and stuff...but I've decided to take a different approach, unfortunately...real life stage lighting doesn't really apply to 3D worlds it seems
The door goes through the wall :confused:
The exit sign's the wrong way round
The pictures aren't hung up yet, the only one that shows up is mine, and that'll be replaced.

Credits for unseen pictures go to:
Nez (Hopefully!)

Kate O'donnell

I'm a happy boy

I'll try later on to render a walk cycle of her, I have the cycle the issue is with my abismal aniamtion ability coupled with Truespace's bone animation ability...I nearly well ended up having to do it frame by frame, so instead, have a different video

Link (

link (

Music that accompanies this video is not mine, I was feeling a little lazy

Two more experimental ideas we (that's me and schattendorn) messed around with are here, one's actually a preview picture for the video so excuse the links

Expect anotehr Kate O'donnell thread because there's a lot more to go over with her...and for some reason I feel like ranting about that :rolleyes:


Post by Nez // Apr 21, 2009, 3:45am

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Second Kate image is missing for me - check your link?

Haven't checked the animations as I can't from work.

The jet is quite cool, if a bit strange! I know you said you were following someone else's design but I'd be a bit worried about whether it's airworthy with that pinocchio nose...:D Also, whatever is munted atthe wingtips (some sort of laser?) is so big that the weight would probably cause integrity issues - so much strain on the wing root; you usually only see very small/light items (short range missiles, sensor pods etc) at the outer pylon on a wing except on a few cases (e.g. fuel tanks on wing tip).

The overall shape is quite good - reminds me of mix of F15, F18, Mig 25 etc... don't think I've ever seen a five-point mount for sidewinders though:D Like the colour scheme - looks like the scale maybe got a bit distorted or enlarged near the nose compared with further back?

The bar is coming on well - I will try to get you a piece you can use for that...;)

Post by Breech Block // Apr 21, 2009, 9:50am

Breech Block
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I love all the texture work on the Phoenix and that camo pattern is awesome. is a privately held community resource website dedicated to Active Worlds.
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