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April MMC // Work in Progress

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Post by Weevil // Apr 5, 2009, 11:21pm

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So many planes running around here....I'd almost be obliged to follow suit wouldn't I?

no...not really

During the 1200's and the reign of Genghis kahn the bow was the best weapon on the field, the mongolians took that bow one step further with their longbows.

Traditional Longbows had to be huge to be able to draw the box back further, thus increasing the range, but at the loss of not being able to handle it when on horseback. Any attempt to shorten the bow result in it snapping under the strain of drawing it back.

The Mongolian military devised a Longbow that equalled if not exeeded the range of contemporay longbows, and were compact enough the be able to be used on horseback through the use of composite materials

The backbone of the bow is made typically from birch and is molded into a double curved shape for extra pull when drawn back, sheep's horn or bone is fixed to the underside of the bow to resist the strain of being drawn back, while sinew is fixiated on the outer side of the bow which can resist stretching.


While this isn't a great "moment" in history per se (unless we count the moment it was invented and tested), it's a very large contributing factor to understanding many things we use today (such as the composite materials we use on all of your aircraft ;))

Post by Mr. 3d // Apr 6, 2009, 4:18am

Mr. 3d
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:cool:My interest is high strung with this and is drawn in towards the direction you will be aiming for !!!:D
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