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PhotoShop? // Texture Creation

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Post by dr22 // Jan 10, 2007, 4:55pm

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Hi All; I just purchased Texture Creation course from ts. I noticed that they talked a lot about using Adobe Photo Shop in the making of textures and the like. I looked up the cost of this product and found it to be $1144.00. Is that the only photoshop that will work with ts66? Are there cheaper ones that you know of? If I had that kind of money I would buy ts7.5 first.

Post by Chester Desmond // Jan 10, 2007, 5:07pm

Chester Desmond
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Photoshop is very expensive for an image editor...there are earlier versions on ebay quite often, but usually not cheap enough to justify , especially once you add in the upgrade price.

I would recommend giving Paintshop Pro a has a 30 day full function demo (at least it used to) and is very good for its price imo

also check into The Gimp which is free and considered by many to be (nearly) on par with Photoshop in functionality.

You may have to do things a little differently or decipher some different terms for functions but either of these should get you through the course.

Is that the only photoshop that will work with ts66?

just to clarify for you, almost any 2d graphics program will "work with" TS 6.6, there is no certain one you have to use. Photoshop is industry standard and the Ipak plugin (in its layer output) is geared for use with it (PS again not specifically required) but you can import\export 2d images from\to nearly any 2d program.

Post by dr22 // Jan 10, 2007, 5:42pm

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Thank You Mr. Desmond for the information. do you happen to know where I can find The Gimp? At any rate thanks for the help and have a great day:-)

Post by RichLevy // Jan 10, 2007, 5:50pm

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ps cs 2 goes for about 500.00 - 600.00, you were looking at one of the studio packages which include pscs2, illustrator cs2 and other adobe programs...

while ps is not required to do texture work, but if you do a lot of photo editing, graphics work it is a very versatile program and well worth spending the money on...

ebay or photography forums, anywhere where there are active users who do ps editing is a good place to get an older copy for less money. I got an older studio bundle a couple of years back for under 500.00 at the time, there are some good deals out there, you just have to have the money and keep your eyes open...


Post by Tiles // Jan 10, 2007, 11:05pm

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The Gimp:

The Windows Port of Gimp comes natively with lots of useful plugins. And normally you won't miss this much. It has all most important tools. Besides that The Gimp has also lots of additional plugins - for the Linux version. Unfortunately most of them aren't ported to Windows. So the PSPI Plugin could be interesting for you. PSPI Plugin makes it possible to open and use Photoshop Plugins with The Gimp:

Not sure though if it still works with the newest developer release. I still use the latest stable version of Gimp. Some Photoshop plugins also freezes the app. I would suggest to add one by one when you have such trouble to find out the baddie.

Post by dr22 // Jan 11, 2007, 12:10am

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Hi All; Thanks guys for the info. I was a little put out with myself after I posted. As I'm not dead and still can use most of my body parts, I felt a bit bad for asking you guys to do the work for me. I then went and googeled the Gimp and found the web sight for it. I got it and all the parts for the stable Gimp2.2. So thank you for all the help. And I appologise for your trouble. Now to see can I learn it. haha lol Have a great day all.

Post by TomG // Jan 11, 2007, 6:22am

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As noted below, no need for Photoshop. It was used in the course since the course author uses it, and because it's as standard as any other 2D application we might have chosen to use.

The render to layers uses Photoshop file format to write to (render to layers functionality is found in iPak for tS6.6, or built-in to tS7), but there are many applications that can read Photoshop file format and handle the layers, so again Photoshop is not required there either.

Some good samples were given below, though there are many others out there too which are free or low cost, and you could give them all a look through to find the one that best suits your needs. However you go about it, you won't need to invest the $600 in Photoshop unless you want to.



Post by ProfessorKhaos // Jan 11, 2007, 3:38pm

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You might check out Photoshop Elements. I have version 2.0 and I think they're up to 5 by now. It has much of the feel of the full version without all of the advanced features. Haven't really explored paint shop pro to it's full extent but I find the two apps to be similar at first glance. Photoshop Elements likely has some training value for down the road if you're looking to get the full version some day.

There are a few things I wasn't able to do in the Elements version that were covered in the texture course (at least not in the same direct manner) but I think you'll find that it meets almost all of your needs with what it does have.

Price of PS Elements was pretty low. Paint Shop Pro might be slightly better value in a feature vs price comparison. I happen to like the Photoshop based interface so that's what I went with.


Post by dr22 // Jan 12, 2007, 2:56am

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Hi All; Thanks for the info. I have only so far found The Gimp and as of yet have not tried it. But I will soon. I'll keep looking. Thanks for the help and in-put. Have a great day all. :-)

Post by Heidi // Jan 19, 2007, 6:24pm

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One of the best deals around is for Dogwaffle.... I know it sounds weird but it's one heck of a painting program. The demo has no time limit but some of the features are disabled. The full price on the pro version is $119.

You can check out the demo here:

Post by GraySho // Jan 20, 2007, 5:01am

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You might be interested in GIMPShop, which is the free GIMP with a Photoshop similar userinterface. I use it along with Paintshop Pro. is a privately held community resource website dedicated to Active Worlds.
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