Modeling Nurbs Moccasins

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Modeling Nurbs Moccasins // Modeling Nurbs Moccasins

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Post by SteveBe // Feb 13, 2007, 9:40am

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This tutorial is for intermediate level modeling with NURBS. In order to understand
this tutorial it’s a good idea to farmiliarize yourself with the NURBS tools and the tS
interface in general. The screen shots are taken in tS 6.6 but the tools should be the
same for tS 7.x with slightly different icons. Most of these steps can be done with
poly modeling using a similar approach.

One of the key things that I’ve found with NURBS is to make small movements,
especially when in point edit, until you are sure of the point or handle you’ve
selected and which direction you’re making adjustments. And as with all
things done with a computer, save often.


Step 1 - Reference Image Setup

With this model, I took two shots with a digital camera. One from the side and one
from the top. I set it up against a white background so the edges of the shoe
were well defined. I could of taken six shots, but it was symmetrical enough to
use just two. These two images were used to texture the model as well.


Next the images are textured onto a plane. The method I use is to set grid units to
centimeters and use the pixel dimensions to set the size of the plane. If you use
the material editor Texture Browser, you can hold the cursor over an image and
a pop-up will show you the pixel dimensions. So if it’s 512 x 1024 pixels, I make a
plane the same size in cm or mm and when all planes are textured, multi-select or
group them and scale to a comfortable size.


Place the planes in their own layer and adjust until they are registered to each other.
Then right click the blue dot for each plane and make them transparent and lock the


Next - Step 2 - Modeling the Shoe Base

Post by SteveBe // Feb 13, 2007, 3:30pm

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Step 2 - Modeling the Shoe Base

Create a new layer for your model and select the Add Curve tool. Trace the outer shape
of the shoe from the top perspective. Space your points comfortably, trying to use the
minimum points to trace the shape. When you've traced around the shape and are
close to your starting point, right click and the curve will close. You can then move
your curve points and adjust the bezier handles to fine tune the curve.


In a side view window, move your curve down so it’s positioned at the bottom of
the image. You can lock the x-asis navigation (default ‘a’ key) to keep the curve
alligned to your image.


When your curve is positioned at the bottom of the shoe, select the Extrude Tool
and pull the yellow arrow up to the height of the top of the sole. Once it’s in a
good position, right click to accept the changes.


Right click and choose the Extrude From Edge tool. Now left click & pull up on
the yellow arrow, each time you do this a new edge will be added. On this shoe
I extruded 3 new edges. You can add or delete edges as needed.


Now we start forming the edges to the shape of the shoe. For the bottom edge
I scaled it to a small shape to form the centre of the sole. If you find that scaling
an edge distorts the neighboring edges then just use the Refine Patch tool to add
more edges to isolate the distortion. This portion of the sole will be copied and
used later to texture the inside of the shoe.


Next - Step 3 - Refining the Shape

Post by rj0 // Feb 17, 2007, 3:13pm

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Really nice! Thanks very much for the tutorial! I've always felt that trueSpace's NURBS had a lot of untapped potential.


Post by SteveBe // Feb 26, 2007, 9:38pm

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Thanks rjo. Takes me a while to write this, pictures are easier than words.
I'll post the screen caps and add the tutorial part when I can.

Step 3 - Refining the Shape

Post by SteveBe // Feb 26, 2007, 9:44pm

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Step 4 - Adding the Tongue

Post by SteveBe // Feb 26, 2007, 9:52pm

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Step 5 - Adding the Laces

Post by SteveBe // Feb 26, 2007, 9:55pm

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