Really easy rigging?

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Really easy rigging? // Tutorium Requests

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Post by kiji8989 // Aug 23, 2008, 6:14am

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Heres my story...

I am making a videogame, called Twist of the Moon, with some wolves. I've just figured out that I need a .cob file for my models to be in my videogame. *Genesis 3D engine* And now, my wolfie lost all of his bones and I dunno how to rigg on here. There was a dino tutroial, but it confused me. I tried to run motion studio, but it couldnt find the file. I dont even know how to put my model into a wireframe view. Help? :confused::(

Post by Tiles // Aug 23, 2008, 7:06am

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Motion studio is an excellent and easy to learn and handle bones system when it comes to internal animation in the modeler. But cannot be exported, which is one of its weakest points. So it is not suited for your needs here.

Hmm. cob would mean that you have to use the bones from the Modeler in 7.6. Not sure if it will work though. The last time i checked them the old bones were broken. Something with the skinning when i remember correct. But give it a try. Maybe that quirk got fixed :)

There must be still some tutorials for the old bones system around. I have even one at my webpage. Means, when you don't mind that it is made with trueSpace 6.6. It is the same bones system :) , 4.5 Mb (

Else i would recommend to have a look what else file formats can be loaded by the Genesis engine.

Post by Jack Edwards // Aug 23, 2008, 5:58pm

Jack Edwards
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Using Collada (DAE) and .X exports from Workspace side lets you export the animation using the new bones system. Like Tiles says you may want to see what other formats your game engine supports. Also useful is Ultimate Unwrap 3D which has a lot of plugins for converting between file formats. Milkshape is another route for getting your models in the format you need.

Post by TomG // Aug 25, 2008, 1:27am

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.COB will indeed only export bones from the Model side, not the new ones (the easy ones) from workspace. Old bones are somewhat tricky to use and have several issues, so searching for alternative formats for your game engine that do support workspace bones like X and COLLADA would indeed be the way to go as suggested.


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