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3D Avatars and 3D Worlds // Tutorium Requests

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Post by notejam // Mar 2, 2008, 3:35pm

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Lesson 1

Animated Avatars that can play musical instruments:

System Requirements

Intel Pentium II 266 MHz

64 MB System RAM

8 MB Video RAM

256 color display

28.8 kbps modem - DSL or Broadband recommended for larger worlds.

5 MB free space

Internet Explorer 5 If you have Yahoo, then you have this browser.

or Netscape Navigator 5 or better

Step 1:

Download and install the Blaxxun Contact browser plugin available at


Step 2: With internet connection on, click on the Blaxxun contact icon to start the browser plugin.

Step 3: You should now see two pictures, one above the other. The top one should be moving around a bit, and the bottom one still. If top window is moving around, then it should be working go to step 4.

If window is not moving, you have some kind of a problem. Click on the faq link, and read it, and see if you can solve it.

Step 4: Click on choose your Avatar link at bottom of page. You will be presented with some drawings. Click on the one you want to use.

Step 5: On the left of your screen near the top, you now see the words Links , Blaxxun, and Back. Click on Blaxxun.

Step 6: You should now be at Blaxxun Community chat. On the bottom 4th of your screen, on the right hand side, near the top of that 4th of the screen, you see a line that says 1/8 people or something like that,

just above the word interests, there is an icon that looks a bit like a letter envelope. Left click on that icon.

Step 7: You now see a list of user options. Left click on personel data, and enter your name, and web site. Then in the Avatar field, enter the following url. (click on this url, and then copy it, and print it out so you can type it into the avatar url field) http://skippybrand.revemonde.net/no_cache/missman/piano/piano02.wrl

check the re-login box to make changes visible on re login, and then left click on ok.

This is going to give you a pink praying mantis insect avatar, sorry about that guys, that can play musical instruments. Now also right click on that url above, and save the file to a folder where you can find it again. Now later you can open word or text and open that file as a text file, and take a look and see exactly how they made this avatar, as its all just text.

Step 8: left click on body language option. You now see a list of gesture id number followed by one or more words. If there is more than one word for a gesture id number, then they are seperated by commas. Left click on the New icon, and in small box on left bottom enter gesture id number 10 and then in the next box to right of that, enter the word piano. Now left click on update. We have just added a trigger word piano, to trigger gesture id number 10, whcih this avatar is programed to cause a piano to appear. So now if you type in the chat window, ok I will play the piano, or anything like that with the word piano in the sentence, the piano is going to appear.

Step 9 left click on New, and add geture id 11, and the word nopiano and click update. This avatar is programmed to cause the piano to disappear if any sentence you type contains the trigger word. If you do not like nopiano as a trigger, then type what word you would like to cause the piano to dissappear, but remember, you can only have a word, or multiple words, seperated by commas. If you tried to enter something like remove piano its too many words for a trigger, and will not work. However you could have nopiano,hide as your trigger word list, and either nopiano, or hide would cause the piano to disappear.

Step 10 add gestrue id 12 and keyword chopin click on update, add gesture id 13 and keyword chopin2 and click update add gesture id 14 and keyword bach click on update add gesture id 15 and keyword bach2 and click on update. You now have your Avatar set up to do the following:

piano triggers the piano to appear. nopiano makes it disappear. So you allways would type piano first if your going to play the piano.

Then you would type the music trigger word next after the piano appears, like chpin, chopin2, bach, or bach2 would cause those music files to play.

Now if you downloaded the avatar, you may look at the code, and start making changes to it, like change the music files to your music files.

Then you can go to any of the chat worlds on blaxxun, and give a concert of your own. Now left click to the right of that icon that shows 3/5 or what ever the number is, and it will give you a list of places currently listed on blaxxun. These are worlds that are currently being served, and they only appear in this list if someone has entered the world, so you can see how many persons are in each world. If it says 1, that might be a person, but it could be a bot instead. To get a world to always list on this list, it must have a bot installed, otherwise only when someone goes to the world is it launched for others to see in the list. double left click on any world in the list, and you will be transported to that world.

Have fun and make some true space 7.5 or even versions 3-6 scenes, and then in truespace 7.5

In some of the lessons to follow, we will make a 3d chat world with truespace, so start modeling now, and get those scene files ready, you will need them.

This avatar was created by Skippy Brand. I recommend you go to his web site here. http://skippybrand.revemonde.net/avpage/

And click on all his links and look around and read his tutorials. Also, any link you find that ends with file name .wrl is a world or avatar file. Yes there is no difference in file type between avatars and worlds.

Things to try: truespace 7.5 has truespace 6 file load options. Right click and save the wrl files on skippys web page, and then inport them as vrml into truespace,and then dislplay in 7.5 Then you can take them apart, work on them, modify them, etc, and then save them back out as vrml, and you can replace the part of the code that draws the avatar with your avatar.

Go to google and do a search on vrml avatar. download them by the right click on the url, and save file method, and import them into truespace.

Did you know if you put vrml code on a web page,that vrml world or avatar will appear in blaxxun if you go to that url? It will not be on the blaxxun server, but you can explore it with the blaxxun browser. Its almost as easy to put your world on blaxxun, but thats another lesson. If your going to put your world on a web page, then you must put it on page of that web page that has public permission to link to. If you have shut off linking, you will need to enable it.

Attention scriptors:

You can use javascripting in blaxxun worlds and avatars. Regarding wires, timers, etc. vrml has similar commands, the main difference is you write it out as text in a text file, and save it with extension .wrl You will be able to cause nodes to rotate, scale, etc., and the wire like command allows multiple inputs and or outputs from a wire much like the wires in truespace 7.5 Since a world or avatar is placed on a web page, and then the server is given the link to those items, your allowed to also have html as part of your code to work with, and can put buttons outside of the chat /screen window, and program them to trigger things within the chat screen window.

Also anchors are allowed. So you can create a blaxxun world, have a sign in it someplace that invites them to download the trueview browser, and then put a second link in the world that invites them to go to one of our truespace places. Think you might need to do some window programmign for this so when they click the link, you can close one chat window, and then go to the truespace server room. This might be needed to prevent being in two worlds at the same time, whcih would slow things down for both worlds a lot.

Also there are special blaxxun nodes that can be used in your code.

For details about standard vrml nodes and how to program, do a web search for floppys vrml guide.

xml is allowed but a different browser that can handle x3d standard needs to be used.

End of lesson 1

Post by notejam // Mar 3, 2008, 11:17am

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Lesson 2 Make 3D Chat Worlds with Truespace

Lets make our own 3d chat world. Its going to have text to speech, so we can hear what persons type. (advantage, no live mike noise or feedback noise) It will allow us to have our own avatar, and we can script our world with java script to add animation later on.

With truespace, make some land mesh for your worlds buildings to sit on.

Add some buildings, trees, what ever you want on top of the land.

When you have it looking how you want it, follow the instructions below.

How to make your Truespace scene file into a multi user 3d world on the Blaxxun server.

Make a world folder on your dirve

Save your file as vrml. In truespae 7.5 with your 3d scene in modler, left click on TS6 Files tab, and select save as and then in menu left click on scene. Give your scene a name, and then below where you enter the file name to save, change that to vrml scenes .wrl and save the file into the folder. Add any other files your world will use to this folder.

Unzip the multi user file in the folder.

The only file in the folder that needs to be changed is ccpro.bxx. open it with notepad, or a text editor.

Replace the text "Welcome to my simple world" to what ever welcoming message you like.

Replace the two lots of text "Simple multi-user Example" with the title of your world. (both lots of text must be exactly the same)

Save the file and exit notepad.

Upload all of the files in the folder to your web site and put them in one folder on the web site with your word file in the folder too.

The URL to use to get to your multi-user world should point to the contact.htm file.

Thats it, your done.

Now upload all these files in the folder to a folder on your web page. You should have the option to link to a web page not blocked in your web page options, because the server is going to have to access the contents of this folder.

How do you go to your world? If you name the folder on your web page as world, then you would go to www.yourwebpage/world/contact.htm

And the server will find any world file in that folder that you linked to in your ccpro.bxx. file in that folder and link it up as a chat world, and a chat interface also will be displayed.

So it only takes about 5 minutes to hook up your world and be chatting, however also remember that you can just put your vrml file on a web page, and go to that url, and your world will be displayed.

This is usefull when you want to make art gallerys of your 3d scenes on a web page, and then add text, etc, below them as a web page, not a 3d chat world.

You might want to set additonal options in your 3d world.

How to set additional Blaxxun Worlds options : http://developer.blaxxun.com/products/server/docs/41/contact/plugin/index.html

Post by notejam // Mar 4, 2008, 9:10pm

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A few sample worlds so you can get an idea of what you can make and do.

An amusment park. Left click on things, you can ride most of the carnival rides. http://www.e-unlimited.be/park/contact.html

An extremely animated world, very large. left click on things. There is a red ball in the world. If you find it, a house moves back and you can go down a tunnel and explore a maze.http://pagesperso-orange.fr/korben/chat3d/contact.htm

A complicated machine and gears that demos you can do scripting of vrml worlds just like truespace 7.5 scenes. http://www.3dtrue.com/3d/workshop.html

You should have installed Blaxxun Contact before you go to these web addresses. Get it here. http://www.blaxxun.com/home/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1

Post by notejam // Mar 5, 2008, 7:52am

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How do you make water? left click on this link to see demo of water.

right click on the link and save the file in a place you can find it again, and then open the file with a text editor such as word or text to see the code.


An example of putting a large world on a web page, and not have a chat window. You can view it by left click on this link, or download it and look at code by use of right click and save file method. DSL or Broadband recommended. http://jeffreykbedrick.com/3d/rainforest/enter.wrl

Another water example you can download or view with above methods. http://jeffreykbedrick.com/3d/pool/pool.wrl

Additional worlds and avatars by Jeffrey Bedrick that you can view or download are here. http://jeffreykbedrick.com/thumbnails/3d.htm

And do not miss this fantastic interent web controlled robot at http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/Lab/8585/robot/robot.html

Right click on the photo will let you download it and examine the code. Left click on the picture lets you control this 3d robot arm.

Try the virtual lath at http://www-vrl.engin.umich.edu/sel_prj/lathe/lathe.wrl

Post by notejam // Mar 6, 2008, 6:54am

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I just discovered that you can not see the code of some vrml files by the right click, and download as method when at the web site.

Seems maybe they are zipped or gzip files that contain a .wrl file.

So there is a way around that problem. Go download vrml pad trial version at http://www.parallelgraphics.com/products/vrmlpad/download/

Found out Floppy VRML Guide web site had problems, so try this link to download Floppys tutorials http://rvirtual.free.fr/programmation/VRML/tuto_eng/tuto_eng.zip

Get free textures to decorate your vrml world here.

Get several hundred free textures here. http://www.pacranch.com/vrmlresources/indextextures.html

They are called vrml textures, but they are just jpeg images you can use for any truespace scene or object. Nice wood and stone/concrete textures too. The site is copyrighted, but they put the site up so you can download free textures.

More free textures at http://x79.net/vrml/hg/textures/

Also try here. http://x79.net/vrml/hg/textures/maps/

That is not enough textures for you? Well get another 5740 of them here. http://www.grsites.com/textures/

And some more here. http://www.htmlcenter.eu/tutorials/printtutorial.cfm?id=99&type=php

Even more at http://tecfa.unige.ch/vrml/textures/srcbook/

Post by notejam // Mar 19, 2008, 9:16pm

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The Blaxxun server will be down for an unspecified time while they are moving the server to a new service. They should start back up soon. I will let you know when they are back with a post here. Until then both the server and both of their web pages no longer work.
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