How to attact a skin made in character creater?

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How to attact a skin made in character creater? // Tutorium Requests

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Post by classic12 // Aug 23, 2007, 12:07am

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what im doing is making a character in creature creating and using the render as w/e only so i just get a skin.. then drawing the bone over the top of it and then pressing attatck bone to skin and attatck skin to bone and it either does nothing .. or moves some lines like really high up and crashes the programme.. any help or a tut on how to do this would be greatfdull..


Post by TomG // Aug 23, 2007, 4:34am

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Attach Skin to Bone will make the entire skin attached to the one bone - eg the left leg will be attached to the one bone, as will the right leg, as will the left arm, the head, etc.

I am going to assume tS7.5, as you don't specify which version of tS you are using, though workflow would be similar in tS6.6

Load the character, then draw the entire skeleton, not just one bone. Once the entire skeleton is created, you then use Attach Skin To Skeleton. This will make tS attach different parts of the body to the different nearby bones, so that the left arm will attach to the bone for the left arm, and the right leg to the bone for the right leg, and so on.

This may need some adjusting, as tS does a good job of assigning which parts of the skin belong to which bones, but it is not always perfect.

Note that for tS7.5 you can skip the step of building the skeleton yourself and assemble an appropriate skeleton from the parts in the Limb Library. Then you just adjust the positions of the joints to match your particular model and use Attach Skin to Skeleton once more.

So the trick is to make the whole skeleton, and then attach it, rather than attach it bone by bone.

(BTW Attach Skin To Bone is used for assigning, say, an item of clothing to the skeleton, so that it is affected only by particular bones in the skeleton. This you do once the skeleton is built, and you can repeat the attach several times for different bones, eg so that a shirt will be attached to the spine, and the arms, but not the legs, hands, head etc - you still build the entire skeleton first though, before using this tool; and in theory you could do this to attach the body skin bone-by-bone, but it would be a time consuming process compared to the single click Attach Skin To Skeleton!)



Post by classic12 // Aug 23, 2007, 4:39am

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its okay i figured it out sorry about that.. i was using creature creation however the only video where it shows you what to do was missing so i played around and found out what to do .. and got it working thanks for the reply .

Post by Jack Edwards // Aug 29, 2007, 8:01am

Jack Edwards
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Glad you got this figured out classic12!

Rigging and animation's not my thing yet, or I'd have helped you out. :o


Post by nowherebrain // Sep 14, 2007, 2:33pm

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Sorry, I've been slipping...kinda waiting for tS7.6 or multiple skeletons per mesh tools before I do the(rigging/animation) tutorial. is a privately held community resource website dedicated to Active Worlds.
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