Need a sunset/sunrise cycle script and simulated Ocean, and other scripts.

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Need a sunset/sunrise cycle script and simulated Ocean, and other scripts. // Scriptorium

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Post by notejam // Aug 17, 2008, 8:12am

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I need help on a project, and I think a lot of us will need or want the same thing eventually.

I need a script to control the amount of light a scene gets. I need it to slowly go from enough light to be easily visible, to sunset, to total darkness, to sun rise, and back to original scene, and just keep on with the sunrise, sunset cycle.

I also need a simulation script for an ocean. I will have an Island mesh, and then a big block of blue, over the mesh with the island showing out of the top of the block of blue. I would like this script to just slowly rock the blue block, so it seems like the water level on the shoreline changes and thus looks a bit like some wave action going on. It would be great if the same script animated a texture on the surface of blue-white mix to simulate waves and foam. Or maybe it should be a second blue wave block that moves up now and then and the waves form, and then moves sideways a bit for moving waves, and then slowly sinks out of sight?

Then another script that would be usefull, is a camera that you can set as your view of a scene, and this camera gets moved around with the arrow keys. If the keys are held down, it keeps moving. An avatar with animated legs is always positioned just in front of this camera, and the avatar gets turned same direction as camera is headed, so you can see your avatar move through the scene.

(There's avatar stuff in the library, do not know if it will work as is)

Now it might still be good to not use such avatars in shared space yet, but we could use them off line to move through a scene, and record the results with camtasia,

I will greatly appreciate anything you can post that will help with this. I am still pretty much frustrated with scripting. Everytime I try to control something with a script, I find I have to figure out how to send that block its data, and as I look through all the types of data I realize I am going to have to try hundreds of variations of the script until I accidentally set the data varible to the right type of variable.

So another question of mine, is there any list of what varibles to use for different things? I tried to send color to a color input on a light block, but could not figure out what varible to use in my script. I managed to make a block with a color strip on it, could click on that color strip, and change its color, but when wired to the next block, it would not change the color of that light to what I had send. Anyway, I am wanting it to get set by a javascript or Jscript, not a color picker strip. So the puzzle is how to get my javascript output wired to a lights color control, so I can have my script set lights colors?



Post by kena // Aug 17, 2008, 9:40am

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very usefull features there. I hope someone can do it.

Post by Wigand // Aug 19, 2008, 4:47am

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Maybe this could help ;)

and something like this: (Only an example)

Post by notejam // Aug 19, 2008, 1:16pm

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I am running into another problem. When in first person navigator, and exploring my scene, I find the camera will not sink into the blue block. How do I give my blue ocean block the physics of water so when navigating over water, it seems like one sinks into the water, rather than appearing like one walks on a blue block?

Thnks Mr Wigand. I will try your upload out soon. is a privately held community resource website dedicated to Active Worlds.
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