What other languages have Rosetta ability, and what is needed?

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What other languages have Rosetta ability, and what is needed? // Scriptorium

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Post by notejam // Feb 3, 2008, 7:06am

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The developer manual contains this quote below:

This is how program objects were traditionally designed. In Rosetta, a developer can create a new object

in C, C++, JAVA or any other language using a favorite programming environment and then compile it

into a binary COM Rosetta object.

So What are these other languages that have the ability to compile into a binary com rosetta object? And just what is needed to be able to do that?

Can anyone add to the list of languages so we have more choices that c c++ and Java? Where do we get any documnetation on how to compile into a com rosetta object from c, c++ and Java as the developer manual did not seem to cover that.

I think the line, ANY OTHER LANGUAGE might be questionable as to correctness, right? I mean a lot of languages contain nothing about rosetta or have any ability to make a binary com rosetta object. Can we use Blitz basic, Liberty Basic, Dark Basic, which are some of the 3d programming languages around?

I tried to do a search on program languages that had rosseta compile ablity, and got so much rosetta stone results, that I was unable to dig out anything usefull from the search. Seems its pretty difficult to use a search engine, and find a program lanugage and know that language is going to have the ablilty to compile a rosetta com object, so thats why I am asking here.

Post by Wigand // Feb 3, 2008, 9:01am

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I think it will be like in other programs. We need a SDK.

Containing the application programing interface (API?) where you can

find all the functions to call from any other programming language.

Then you are able to make your own additions like plugins.

Until then, I know no way do do this, only to write DLLs and call them

from script

Post by TomG // Feb 4, 2008, 12:35pm

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No languages have rosetta in them as native compile options, since the functions are all Caligari written :)

What will happen is that an SDK will be released that will have the details of those functions in it. Out of that, specific libraries can be constructed for any language. Then those libraries can be called in and compiled.

It will be "any language" where someone writes the actual libraries to be compiled in (where they define function names and the parameters etc).


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