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tS7.6 - Ground // The Garage

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Post by trueBlue // Mar 25, 2009, 8:39am

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Here is a Ground object for animating the Workspace Ground settings and or to Save your settings to scene.
For Animating this object, enable the Ground Attributes that you want to keyframe from the Keying panel first before setting keyframes. Select the Reset button to reset all the default Ground settings. Select the Dock button to open the Ground panel in the Stack/Settings. You can Ctrl + drag the titlebar so that it floats above all other windows. The Default - Main view is set for the Default layout or similar. If you save this object with your scene the script will run when you open the scene and apply your settings.

Here are some if not all of the standard Layouts for your convenience.

Note: The My New Window path is for the New Window Script located here: http://forums1.caligari.com/truespace/showpost.php?p=35434&postcount=1 (http://forums1.caligari.com/truespace/showpost.php?p=35434&postcount=1)

The Custom view is for you Dele.
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