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Yaf(a)Ray 4 Truespace development info thread! // The Garage

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Post by nealiosnoise // Apr 3, 2009, 8:43am

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im still experimenting with yafaray, its almost just tweaking some knobs and seeing what result is in the image.


i have the Yafaray guide an all, im still at a guess when it comes down to getting what i want with all the possible settings, but i'll eventually get the hang of it ... .........eventuallly..........

on the website, or in these Forums, i hope there will be some example rendered images, along side those images can be the settings used to get that image result. and some other helpful tips and example pics like...

- effective yafaray settings for a tipical outdoor scene, indoor scene, water, metallic stuff, dark scenes, empty scenes... etc..

- how to use, when an when not to use Photons, or direct lighting, final gather, just know what not to do so your not over doing it, or doing something that really isn't required...

does yafaray take in the workspace post processing settings " glow and supersampling" when you render with it ?? i think i had supersampling enabled when i rendered the picture above. Though yafaray has its own sampling settings.. .. :confused:

Post by TomG // Apr 3, 2009, 8:50am

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The realtime settings I am almost sure will be ignored. Those are pretty specific to the realtime engine.



Post by Jack Edwards // Apr 3, 2009, 12:56pm

Jack Edwards
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Yeah Tom's right, the real-time post-process settings aren't exported. You have to use the settings in the YafaRay4tS panel.

I think adding a tutorial section to the new website is a great idea, nealiosnoise. As far as progress on the website goes, I've got the layout worked out finally, so I think it's to the point where I can start filling in the content now. Gonna take some more days to get it all ready.

Some general advice for creating outdoor scenes is to use a "Sun" light type. That'll give you nice soft shadows. The decision on whether to use Direct Lighting or Photon Mapping really depends on whether or not you need GI or Caustics. Direct Lighting is definitely faster, but you don't get Global Illumination style bounced light. I use direct lighting to setup my scene then switch to photon mapping after I'm pretty sure I'm happy with the way things are positioned. I think there's a bug in the current HDRI iplementation, but if you use a high enough res image, HDRI and IBL give nice results as well.

For indoor lighting, area lights are the key, you can place an area light outside a window to simulate the day light from outside and a directional or sun light to create the direct light and shadows from the sun. Sphere lights and material lights can also be useful as they create soft shadows as well.

Post by v3rd3 // Apr 3, 2009, 6:14pm

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ok Jack. Based on your concerns regarding copyright I went with a figure that suggests the stylized eye in the yafaray logo.

For this one I kept the eye and represented Caligari influence with colour.

Your thougthts.....

Post by Jack Edwards // Apr 5, 2009, 7:04pm

Jack Edwards
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Sorry about not getting back to your right away, v3rd3. Was doing some research on CMS systems and figuring out how to implement creditcard purchased digital downloads for another site idea I had, which I'll be unveiling in a few months. ;)

The new logo still doesn't quite do it for me. It just doesn't seem modern and is a bit lacking in "depth". This definitely isn't an easy one. I've been drawing a blank as well. :o Maybe if we used the Yafaray colors black red white on the eye, then added the trueSpace cube, sphere, box? Probably still wouldn't look good... hmm I think i got an idea. Can you attach the eye as a vector file that I can import into illustrator?

Post by Jack Edwards // Apr 6, 2009, 1:34am

Jack Edwards
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Hmm...not sure my previous idea will cut it. But I took the eye idea and did it up in YafaRay colors:


I'm happy enough with the look but not sure where to go from here with it. Still doesn't have anything to do with trueSpace, and I haven't been able to make a TS butterfly that wasn't horribly embarrassing looking yet, lol.

Post by Jack Edwards // Apr 6, 2009, 4:33am

Jack Edwards
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Alrighty, think I've spend enough time on this, I added a gradient to it and I'm calling it done and moving on. So this is the new YafaRay4tS icon:


I'm reworking the graphics for the website template to be a bit nicer. Should be able to finish that up tomorrow, then I can finally get the content added in.

Post by Tiles // Apr 6, 2009, 6:33am

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"looks" good :D

Post by v3rd3 // Apr 6, 2009, 9:14am

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Eyecatching to say the least.... :D

Post by Jack Edwards // Apr 6, 2009, 11:26am

Jack Edwards
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Thanks guys! :D
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