Upgraded My Monitor and Orphaned TS 7.51

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Upgraded My Monitor and Orphaned TS 7.51 // Rants and Raves

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Post by Steinie // May 3, 2008, 9:36am

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I had a decent 17" Samsung monitor 930B and life was great.

One day I see a HP w2207 22" with the rotating screen and thought it would be great for working with trueSpace. I hooked it up, loaded the drivers and everything looks great. Program after program worked like a charm until I tried trueSpace 7.51. I would get the small startup screen and then nothing. Windows Task Manager didn't show tS running. So I try to start tS with the Ctrl double click tS icon to load the default.....Nothing.
I delete the default.ctx file and try to run....Nothing!
Maybe video memory so I tried different resolutions....Nothing.
I uninstalled trueSpace and reinstalled....Nothing!!!? What the....
Something was preventing tS from starting and I tried everything I could think of . Maybe it was a Registry setting but it looked clean. Crap Cleaner didn't help. Nortons wasn't blocking.

For a week I fought this Monitor and finally tried one last thing. Uninstall the Monitor drivers named " My Display" and that did the trick. Since part of this software allows the Monitor to "rotate automatically" I thought there must be some software conflict between the two.
So if anyone else out there wants to buy a HP Monitor be aware of this conflict. The Video card driver software is all you need.


Post by Moonman // Jun 23, 2008, 12:11pm

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This happened to tS6.6, on my machine, as well. For almost two years, I've been trying everything from fresh re-installs, to video driver rollbacks. This has left my unable to use tS for freelance projects.

I have a Gateway 22" monitor, which I got around the time tS stopped responding. The monitor pivots portrait/landscape, and uses EZtune as the desktop pivot management tool. Wow, uninstalled it and :banana::banana::banana: , tS lives again.

So I think it is the pivot-ware, not the actual hardware.

Thank you so much. :jumpy:

Post by Ambrose // Jun 24, 2008, 6:16am

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Never install anything you really need ;)

These has been a pain for many... goes for allmost anything as well but it's hard not to...

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