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Brand New CrystalBones Motions from TrueBones.Com // Business

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Post by mrbones // Sep 28, 2008, 1:37pm

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Howdy Folks, Good News!

The brand new "CrystalBones" Motion Pak is available for a great low pre-release price.

The New "CrystalBones Motion Pak is over 110 brand new motion captures in BVH format and are now available for only $29.00. USD via PayPal.

But thats not all,

If you order now we will include the very popular "CombatBones" Free with your order.

"CombatBones Motion Pak " are 25 different sword fighting moves, 2 per fight sequence. and 6 KungFu/TaiChi Karate hand combat tandem moves.Thats over 60 new seperate fighting moves in all.

This special offer ends tonight so be sure to order your pre-release of the "CrystalBones Motion Pak" Today.

Thanks again and Cheers Folks.


Click this link to order CrystalBones with CombatBones special Pre-Release offer!

Post by mrbones // Oct 7, 2008, 10:47am

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Sale ends soon folks,

Take advantage now.

Thanks again and cheers

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