TrueSpace 7.6 NT5/6 crash

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TrueSpace 7.6 NT5/6 crash // Bugs

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Post by Karmaflute // Feb 27, 2009, 8:33am

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This bug is caused by incorrectly handling display mode enumeration affecting all Windows operating systems Widows 2000 and up.

See here:

and here:

A little more digging has revealed the cause of this crash. Considering the information at hand, and a little detective work, it would appear that TrueSpace 7.6 is not enumerating the display modes properly.

Display modes are enumerated differently for Windows XP than they were on Windows 9x. This may cause issues for some applications when they attempt to list all of the supported display modes and store that information in a fixed-length buffer. This compatibility fix reduces the number of display modes reported to mimic the behavior of Windows 9x. Applies to: Windows 95, Windows 98

By evaluating the program through Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0 the problem is solved by applying the HideDisplayModes compatibility fix.

This is why for some users enabling Windows 95/98/Me (Windows 9x) compatibility mode fixes it for them.

I hope Caligari fixes this. I'm certain that they're losing many, many new users who are experiencing this crash.

Post by Karmaflute // Feb 27, 2009, 9:37am

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A little more information. This is a notebook computer which supports a resolution of 1280x768 natively. If I unplug my external monitor (1680x1050) it works fine. If I plug my external monitor back in then it crashes.

This isn't too difficult to correlate with the error. Consider this part of the report:

"This compatibility fix reduces the number of display modes reported to mimic the behavior of Windows 9x."

The actual crash could be due to any number of things including aspect ratio, the count of resolutions supported, or maybe a conflict between the notebook's resolution and the external monitor. The rest is up to you guys to figure out.

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