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Facial Animator // Bugs

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Post by kwikdraw // Jan 30, 2009, 9:41am

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Facial animator .tsx loads in ts v7.6 but the head libraries are empty and I get an error message about there being an error in the installation. Windows explorer shows that there are head files, etc in the tsx directory.

Actually there are 2 sub-folders in the .tsx folder.

one is "FA" and the other is "Facial Animator".

Both sub-folders contain the same .tsx file. I don't know which is invoked when I load it but the files are the same date and time stamp.

P.S Seems OK in ts 7.51.

Post by kwikdraw // Feb 2, 2009, 8:31am

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I fixed the problem by re-inatalling ts76. I had changed the installation path to ...\truespace760 instead of the path ...\truespace76 as required by truespace. Therefore, facial animator was looking in the wrong folder for stuff.

It's OK now but I do find it difficult to impossible to get the outline to fit a photo because of sharp corners in the outline. Also it's hard to see some of the points that need editing/moving. I need lots of practice before I get into the real detailed workings.

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