can't open rsscn files in trueplay

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can't open rsscn files in trueplay // truePlay

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Post by kohagona dono // Mar 7, 2008, 1:23am

kohagona dono
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so far i've tried to:

right-click an RsScn file and choose "open with", but i can't choose trueplay in the list of programs and i can't add trueplay to the list.

open trueplay and choose the load option in the file menu, but nothing happens, it stays at the default scene.

put a different scene in place of the default scene, i.e. rename the default to 123.rsscn and an other scene to defaultP.RsScn, all trueplay shows is the ground grid.

i even tried it trough the execute function of the windows start menu, but again it only gives the ground grid.

any sugestions about what i'm doing wrong or how i can fix this?

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